Cyclist impaled in neck by a tree branch after falling off a cliff while riding

The rider was airlifted to hospital in East Yorkshire after the fall

A cyclist was impaled in his neck by a tree branch after he fell off a cliff while riding in a quarry.

Paul Toyne was riding his bike in Greetwell Quarry, Lincoln as his daily exercise when he tumbled over the 10-foot cliff, landing on the branch which became lodged in his neck.

The 32-year-old was airlifted to hospital in Hull after the crash, which happened just after 7pm on Friday (April 10) Lincolnshire Live reports.

Mr Toyne told the newspaper: “The quarry is 10 minutes from my house and I ride there every day as part of my permitted daily exercise.

“I fell off sideways and impaled myself on a tree and a branch about the thickness of your index finger was stuck in my neck.”

After a friend called the emergency services, Mr Toyne was flown to Hull Royal Infirmary, where doctors were able to remove the branch and stitch up the wound. Fortunately, the stick missed the main arteries.

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire Police said: “At 7.10pm we were called to assist with an incident at Greetwell Quarry, in which a male cyclist in his 30s had entered the quarry.

“The cyclist was airlifted to hospital with serious injuries.”

Last month, Cycling Weekly reported that a cyclist was stopped by police while riding on a motorway near Manchester.

The incident happened on Sunday, March 29 as officers from Great Manchester Police spotted the rider near junction three of the motorway.

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Officers said the cyclist didn’t see the issue and will be issued with a fine in the post, adding “this does not constitute your daily exercise.”

UK residents are still permitted to exercise outside during the coronavirus lockdown, but are restricted to one activity per day.

The government has also recommended that people stay local, with a number of popular riding spots in the south closed to the public to prevent the spread of the virus.

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