‘This does not constitute your daily exercise’: Cyclist fined for riding on the M60 motorway

Police stopped the rider on the three-lane motorway near Manchester

Police tape (Getty)

Another cyclist has been stopped by police riding on a motorway.

The incident happened on Sunday (March 29) on the M60 near Manchester, as officers from Greater Manchester Police spotted the rider near junction three of the motorway.

Police said the cyclist didn’t see the issue and will be issued with a fine in the post, adding “this does not constitute your daily exercise.”

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North West Motorway Police said on Twitter: “Patrol just stopped a cyclist on the M60 near to junction three – tried to advise but cyclist couldn’t understand what the issue was. Has been issued with relevant paperwork and fine will be in the post.

“This does not constitute your daily exercise #unbelievable.”

This isn’t the first time this year police have been forced to intervene after a cyclist was spotted on the motorway.

In January, a rider was seen on the M25 between Reigate and Leatherhead in Surrey.

As officers were dispatched to the scene, Highways England put up a message on the overhead electronic sign warning drivers and lowering the speed limit to 50mph.

Traffic officers were unable to find the cyclist.

Perhaps most famously, in 2014 four athletes from the Sri Lankan Commonwealth Games squad were stopped after riding along one of the busiest motorway stretches in Scotland.

The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth riders were seen on the M74 and police were dispatched to stop them.

Triathlete Jonathan Brownlee spotted the Sri Lankan team on the motorway and tweeted a picture.

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Just a few days later, the Bahamas team then ended up on the M80 near Glasgow as they trained for the Commonwealth Games road race.

Spotted at 8am between junction two and three, near Stepps in North Lanarkshire, the riders caused quite a stir and were duly stopped by police after they received reports from drivers about their training run. The team were redirected onto a safe route by police.

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