Cyclist who had just learned first aid saves driver’s life

The 21-year-old rider acted quickly as other drivers were shouting and beeping their horns

Police tape (Getty)

A 21-year-old cyclist acted quickly to save the life of a driver, having just passed a first aid course.

Jack Turner noticed a van moving slowly along the road, as the driver indicated but did not turn.

While other drivers around grew angry, beeping their horns and shouting, Mr Turner sprung into action as he realised the driver was having a seizure, Teeside Live reports.

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“I thought there was something wrong,” Mr Turner said.

“The driver’s head was bobbing, he was foaming at the mouth and moving backward and forward.”

The incident happened in Haverton Hill Road, Stockton in County Durham.

Mr Turner put his bike down and rushed to the driver’s aid, and fearing the van could roll into oncoming traffic or hit a pedestrian or cyclist he turned off the ignition in the moving vehicle, calling the emergency services and checking the driver's vital signs. Mr Turner then put the driver into the recovery position and an ambulance arrived shortly after to assist the driver.

Mr Turner added: “I just told him not to worry, the ambulance was coming soon and I was there for him.

“I’m just glad I was able to help him.”

Mr Turner had learned first aid just days earlier as part of his training to work in the maintenance and installation of onshore and offshore turbines.

Earlier this week, Cycling Weekly reported that police had launched an investigation after a cyclist was left injured after being thrown over the handlebars when hit by a driver that mounted the pavement and “drove directly at him”

Detectives have launched an investigation into the “unacceptable” and “very dangerous” incident, that left the rider with back and leg injuries.

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The driver fled the scene after the incident, which happened in broad daylight on a busy dual carriageway in South Shields, near Newcastle.