Cyclist stops car driving down London segregated cycle lane (video)

Cyclists get a bit of a shock when they see a car driving towards them in a segregated cycle lane in London

Segregated cycle lanes were introduced to London to keep riders away from the traffic, but it seems like cars are still causing cyclists a bit of bother.

It must be incredibly concerning when you see a car driving straight towards you, especially when you’re not on the road, as these cyclists encountered when this car decided to take a bit of a shortcut.

Thankfully, the driver of the white car slowed down when the cyclist gestured at them to get back on the road and skipped back onto the carriageway using a gap in the segregation.

>>> London motorists caught driving in segregated cycle lane

Unfortunately this isn’t the first time that motorists have been caught driving down dedicated cycle lanes, with even the police caught using a lane on one occasion to bypass traffic.

Luckily this time the car had their fog lights on, which helped the cyclists spot it coming a mile off and take appropriate action.