PREMIER Calendar Series leader Russell Downing crashed while racing in Norway on Sunday and has broken his wrist.

The Pinarello RT ace crashed after around 50 kilometres of a 140-kilometre event, but climbed back on his bike and continued to finish an eventual fourth. His team-mate Malcolm Elliott was fifth.

But he was whisked off to the hospital as soon as he crossed the line, and said afterwards: ?I?ve just got back from the hospital, and they?ve put a full cast on my arm. I?ve got two broken bones in my hand.

?I knew I had done something straight away, but carried on to the finish. Hopefully I?ll be able to carry on riding – we?ve got a stage race out here which starts on Wednesday so I?ll just have to see how I do.

?The doctors couldn?t say how long I?ll have the pot on for. It just depends how things heal, but hopefully it won?t slow me down too much.?