Driver tries to pass cyclists at traffic lights and hits rubbish truck

The collision was caught on camera as the impatient driver pulls out into traffic

The moment a driver tried to pass cyclist and pulled out in front of a rubbish truck (Image: Facebook/Cycliq)

A group of cyclists filmed the moment an impatient driver tried to pass them at traffic lights, only to cause a crash with a rubbish truck.

The incident was filmed on Sunday morning (February 4) in Perth, Australia as the riders were waiting at a junction.

Footage shows the car waiting behind the group, before deciding to pull out into a different lane.

Unfortunately for the driver, they failed to spot a bin lorry that was also approaching the junction from behind.

The driver pulls into the side of the lorry and the vehicle is thrown back towards the cyclists.

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Luckily it doesn’t hit any of the riders.

The group of cyclist told Australian newspaper Perth Now: “We were turning right at the traffic lights and so were in the turning lane.

“There was a red arrow so we couldn’t proceed through the intersection.

“A car came up behind us and began to beep at us because he wanted to go straight through the intersection, and given there was a green light for cars, I imagine he thought we weren’t paying attention.”

Footage of the crash was posted on Facebook by bike camera and safety light company Cycliq.

Last month, a shocking video emerged showing the moment a Spanish film star was hit by a car travelling at full speed while he was cycling.

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Dani Rovira, who starred in a hugely popular Spanish film from 2014, was on his way to completing a charity cycling challenge when he and a fellow cyclist were struck from behind.

Rovira, 38, called for drivers to be more respectful of cyclists after the crash, which happened two years ago.

The driver was distracted by his mobile phone, which he tried to pick up from the floor after it fell inside the car, reports Spanish news outlet ABC.

Rovira and Giacchetta were in France when they were hit as they attempted to ride an 11-stage route from Barcelona to Rome where they were due to meet the pope.

Miraculously, neither men suffered injuries but their bikes were damaged.