Terrifying video shows moment Spanish film star mowed down by car while cycling

One of Spain’s best known actors was completing a charity challenge when he was hit from behind

A video has been released showing the moment a Spanish film star was hit by a car while riding (Picture: Instagram/ @martin.giacchetta)

A shocking video shows the moment a famous Spanish film star was hit by a car travelling at full speed while he was cycling.

Dani Rovira, who starred in a hugely popular Spanish film from 2014, was on his way to completing a charity cycling challenge when he and a fellow cyclist were struck from behind.

The footage was captured from a car accompanying the pair as they filmed a documentary to raise aware of a Rett syndrome, a rare neurological disorder.

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Rovira, 38, has called for drivers to be more respectful of cyclists after the crash, which happened two years ago.

In the video Rovira, who starred in the 2014 film Spanish Affair, said: “We are still here because it wasn’t our time to go.

“Let’s respect one another on the roads.”

A photo posted by on

Rovira was riding alongside Martín Giacchetta, a firefighter and personal trainer whose daughter has from Rett syndrome, when the pair were struck by the car from behind.

The driver was distracted by his mobile phone, which he tried to pick up from the floor after it fell inside the car, reports Spanish news outlet ABC.

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Rovira and Giacchetta were in France when they were hit as they attempted to ride an 11-stage route from Barcelona to Rome where they were due to meet the pope.

Miraculously, neither men suffered injuries but their bikes were damaged.


Rovira told ABC: “We know what happened because it was recorded.

“I was in shock all that day.

“I did not feel afraid – that came to me the next day when I had to get back on the bike.

“That’s when my legs started to shake.”

The video footage shows Rovira and Giacchetta riding along the carriageway with vehicles passing in the outside lanes, when a black vehicle rapidly approaches from behind at speed and hits the pair.

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