Geraint Thomas plays Innuendo Bingo, plus more cycling videos

Here's the latest look at the best cycling videos from around the internet

For this week's cycling videos of the week round-up we kick off with fan favourite Geraint Thomas paying a visit to Radio 1.

Away from that there are plenty of other clips including Wiggo's attempt at a track stand, our guide to winter clothing and a look at commuting through traffic in the Philippines.

That's one way to make your turbo session more interesting…

Ever wondered what cyclists get up to during the off-season? Team Sky rider Geraint Thomas headed in to BBC Radio 1's Scott Mills Show for a round of Innuendo Bingo.

For anyone who's unfamiliar, the premise is that a guest sits opposite Mills's co-presenter Chris Stark, they fill their mouths with water, listen to some funny clips from television and radio, then when laughing the water is projected over the other person.

Thomas can be seen fully kitted, astride his Tour de France bike in a static trainer… possibly the most interesting indoor training session the Welshman has had for a while.

Wiggins's attempt at the Longest Lap

Now a staple of any Revolution track meeting, the Longest Lap is certainly a crowd pleaser.

Lining up with the other competitors was one Sir Bradley Wiggins. Although as can be seen here, he didn't stick around for long.

Taking on Manilla's traffic

For anyone who cycle commutes in a city outside of the Netherlands or Denmark, the struggle for space on car clogged roads is only too real.

However, have a look at what riders in Manilla, Philippines, have to contend with on their ride to work.

Get your clothing right to keep riding in comfort

Don't let this week's warm spell fool you; winter is coming, so it's time to think about how to dress to keep riding in comfort through the long cold months.

This buyer's guide on the best winter cycling jackets will tell you all you need to know to get those important layering decisions spot on.

How much speed can you really buy?

With anyone from pros to new riders sat astride very expensive bikes dressed in the latest performance clothing, we set out to discover just how much speed you can buy.

Watch this video to see if new purchases could benefit your cycling, or if perhaps we should all just train a bit more.

Tempted by 'cross this winter?

The cyclocross season is well underway but that doesn't mean it's too late to give it a crack. For anyone who's interested in getting muddy this winter, here's our guide to cyclocross bikes.

Rachel Atherton

Finally, here's a look at multiple downhill world champion Rachel Atherton's scars from her career so far.

Her own favourite scars came from where she had a nerve removed from her leg and inserted in her shoulder. Blimey.

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