Join the revolution! It?s a fairly peaceful one and, say Sustrans, it?s coming to a town near you.

There more rides and events planned for this summer than ever before, all showcasing cycling as fun and healthy, and environmentally friendly. ?Every turn of the wheel is a revolution? say Sustrans, the creators of the National Cycle Network.

The revolution received a huge government cash boost worth £140 million this year. This money is awarded to Cycling England, to extend their Cycling Development Towns. But a significant chunk of it will be used to enhance the NCN and schools links, all part of Sustrans work.

As well as creating paths, Sustrans of course also promote events along them, too, such as the five-day Scottish ride from June 9 ? 13.

This is Sustrans? annual celebration ride from Glasgow to Edinburgh. Leaving Glasgow on Monday, June 9, it follows the National Cycle Network route 7 on a northerly route via Loch Lomond, the Trossachs National Park and the famous Glen Ogle viaduct.

Then switching to route 77, the ride goes via Perth, through the Fife to reach Edinburgh on Friday, June 13. To sign up or find out more, contact Vickie Robertson on 0117 9150125. Or by email at

The Scottish event leads neatly up the start of the 2008 National Bike (June 14-22) when Sustrans will be one of many organising events. More details soon.

Another Sustrans event is the second Change your World campaign during the first week of July.

This targets car owners, encouraging them to give their motor for just one trip in the week, and help bring about a 10 per cent reduction in car traffic. Sustrans hope for many more than the 2000 who took part last year.

The campaign theme for 2008 is children, to free them from the confines of the car,

by travelling another way and, just as important, to allow them to reclaim the street for play.

Throughout the summer Sustrans also organise work camps, providing hands on opportunities for supporters to help build new facilities or maintain sections of path.

Workcamps are open to over 18s.

For details, email