Lawson Craddock's Malteser trick is something you should definitely not try at home (video)

Cannondale's Lawson Craddock masters the age-old trick of catching a Malteser in your mouth while riding no-handed

Professional cyclings have enviable bike handling skills, but Cannondale's Lawson Craddock took it a step further by lobbing a sweet in his mouth while riding along no-handed.

Personally, I can't do the Malteser trick while sitting completely stationary on my sofa, let alone while riding a bike. Truth be told, I'm not that good at riding no-handed either!

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So the fact that Craddock can ride without hands while looking straight up in the air is pretty impressive to me, but not something I'd recommend trying on the notoriously potholed roads in Britain.

Training for races all year round must also get pretty tiresome, so the former Giant-Alpecin rider, known for his eccentricities, has chosen a novel way to break up the monotony.

It is good to see that he was wearing adequate eye protection for his trick, though, with his oversized POC sunglasses an adequate replacement for the safety goggles that I assume everyone else wears when trying this...