A little fishy tells us that Dean was a naughty boy again at the weekend.

Far be it for Cycling Weekly to go telling tales, but if Russell?s carp were looking a little off-colour this morning it may, or may not, be because Dean weed in the fishpond.

We don?t want to get anyone into trouble but is that the way to thank the host of a party where the pizza was plentiful and the beer ran freely.

Mind you, after four wins in a row, Russell is in danger of being accused of showing off.

Just a word from the Battle of the Brothers referee, whose word is final. Play nicely, now. Don?t make us come up there and clunk your heads together!

Verdict Another win for Russell. If this really were a boxing match, he?d be holding the forehead of his opponent and watching as the flailing punches fall short. However, for pure guts, Dean gets half a point for finishing second.

Score so far
Russell 4.5, Dean 1.5

cycling weekly super team challengePinarello are in control but there are still plenty of opportunities for the Rapha-Condor-Recycling machine to whirr into action.

If Rapha were to plonk a couple of riders on the podium at the Beaumont Trophy it?ll be game on again.

1. Pinarello 55pts
2. Rapha-Condor-Recycling 32pts
3. Plowman Craven 11pts


1. Russell Downing (Pinarello) 650pts
2. Dean Downing (Rapha-Condor-Recycling) 454pts
3. Evan Oliphant (Plowman Craven) 386.5pts
4. Simon Richardson (Plowman Craven) 363pts
5. Rob Partridge (Rapha-Condor-Recycling) 269pts
6. Matthew Higgins (Corley Cycles) 269pts
7. Ian Wilkinson (SIS-Trek) 219pts
8. Kristian House (Rapha-Condor-Recyling) 205pts
9. Rob Hayles (Halfords Bikehut) 187pts
10. Marcin Bialoblocki (Sports Beans) 153pts

June 15 Beaumont Trophy, Ponteland
July 6 Tour of Blackpool
August 3 East Yorkshire Classic, Beverly
August 10 Tour of Pendle, Lancashire
September 21 Richmond Grand Prix, North Yorkshire

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