We list all the starters in this Sunday's Lincoln Grand Prix.

You can read our full preview of the Linoln GP in the News section.

Lincoln Grand Prix 2008: Start List

1 Dean Downing Rapha Condor Recycling

2 Chris Newton Rapha Condor Recycling

3 Kristian House Rapha Condor Recycling

4 Rob Partridge Rapha Condor Recycling

5 Graham Briggs Rapha Condor Recycling

6 Dale Appleby Rapha Condor Recycling

7 Ryan Bonser Rapha Condor Recycling

8 Ben Greenwood Rapha Condor Recycling

9 Tom Slagter Ruiter Dakkapellen Wielerteam

10 Dion Beukeboom Ruiter Dakkapellen Wielerteam

11 Jody Tesselaar Ruiter Dakkapellen Wielerteam

12 Germ van der Burg Ruiter Dakkapellen Wielerteam

13 Sierd Steigenga Ruiter Dakkapellen Wielerteam

14 Dennis Leliveld Ruiter Dakkapellen Wielerteam

15 Eugene Moriarty MyHome.ie/BDBC/Cycleways

16 Stephen O?Sullivan MyHome.ie/BDBC/Cycleways

17 Alex Coutts Giant Asia RT

18 David McCann Giant Asia RT

19 Alessandro Grandi Team Co Bo Italy

20 Robert Willcocks Ajchva Limoux

21 David Miller API Metrow

22 Darren Barclay Arctic-Premier Racing Team

23 Simon Wilson Arctic-Premier Racing Team

24 Jody Crawforth Arctic-Premier Racing Team

25 Oliver Graham Arctic-Premier Racing Team

26 Jon-Kris Mason Arctic-Premier Racing Team

27 Matt Holmes Arctic-Premier Racing Team

28 Neil Beasley Ashfield Road Club

29 Scot Gamble Ashfield Road Club

30 Owain Lovell Ashfield Road Club

31 Andrew Stuart Ashfield Road Club

32 Alex Peterson Awcycles.co.uk

33 Martin Smith Awcycles.co.uk

34 Tom Smith Awcycles.co.uk

35 Philip Borrett Bikinmotion CC

36 Sam Ward Team Chevin Cycles

37 Roy Chamberlain Team Corley Cycles

38 Mark Wordsworth Team Corley Cycles

39 Matthew Higgins Team Corley Cycles

40 Richard Cartland Team Corley Cycles

41 Martin Freeman Team Corley Cycles

42 Karl Freeman Team Corley Cycles

43 Tom Kirk Team Corley Cycles

44 Tom Martin Team Corley Cycles

45 Richard Lambert Cottingham Coureurs

46 David Shackleton Cottingham Coureurs

47 Carl Dyson cyclingbargains.com

48 Paul Bell Doncaster Wheelers

49 Rob Watkinson Doncaster Wheelers

50 Adam Weaver Doncaster Wheelers

51 Adrian Bird Team Echelon Spiuk

52 N. Jansen van Rensburg Evans Cycles RT

53 Tim Elverson Felt Racing

54 Justin Hoy Felt Racing

55 John Wager Felt Racing

56 Gary Adamson FP Mailing

57 Neil Jones Gateway Cycles RT

58 Robbie Powell Gateway Cycles RT

59 Euan Pope Glasgow Coureurs

60 Ben Thompson Glendene Cycling Club

61 Matt Talbot Glendene Cycling Club

62 Andri Joubert Glendene Cycling Club

63 Matthew Charity Go Sportspex RT

64 Wayne Webster Go Sportspex RT

65 Jon Pain GWR Team

66 Rob Hayles Team Halfords Bike Hut

67 Tom Southam Team Halfords Bike Hut

68 Dafydd Dylan KFS Special Vehicles

69 Matt Clinton KFS Special Vehicles

70 Gareth Hewitt KFS Special Vehicles

71 Richard Sykes Popham KFS Special Vehicles

72 James Stewart KFS Special Vehicles

73 Kieran Frend KFS Special Vehicles

74 Gregg Roche KFS Special Vehicles

75 James Sampson Kinesis UK

76 Kit Gilham Kinesis UK

77 Matt Cronshaw Kinesis UK

78 Jack Pullar Kinesis UK

79 Josh James Kinesis UK

80 Tom Last Kinesis UK

81 Leigh Cowell Kuota/Biemme/Spinergy

82 Robert Orr Team Lacuna

83 David Clarke Team Lacuna

84 Daniel Smith Team Lacuna

85 Richard Williamson Team Lacuna

86 David McGowan Liverpool Mercury

87 Harry Penn Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team

88 Jonathan Tiernan-Locke Mid Devon CC

89 Paul Londors Team Milton Keynes

90 Mike Wragg Team Milton Keynes

91 Wayne Coombs VC Montpellier

92 Rick King MTS Inkland

93 James Moss MTS Inkland

94 Simon Baxter MTS Inkland

95 Lewis Medows MTS Inkland

96 Sean Poison MTS Inkland

97 Daren Tiffin MTS Inkland

98 Ian Thomas Newport Shropshire

99 Jimmy Finch Newark Castle Cycling Club

100 David Robinson NFM Racing Team

101 Christopher Moores Norwood Paragon

102 Simon Warren Norwood Paragon

103 Martin Bryant PCA/Ciclos Uno

104 Ian Franklin PCA/Ciclos Uno

105 James Jackson PCA/Ciclos Uno

106 Daniel Kogan PCA/Ciclos Uno

107 Daniel Patten PCA/Ciclos Uno

108 James Whatling PCA/Ciclos Uno

109 Jon Mozley Pearl Izumi-Planet X-High 5

110 Liam Holohan Pearl Izumi-Planet X-High 5

111 Jeroen Janssen Pearl Izumi-Planet X-High 5

112 Stephen Adams Pearl Izumi-Planet X-High 5

113 Matthew Jones Pearl Izumi-Planet X-High 5

114 Raphael Deinhart Pearl Izumi-Planet X-High 5

115 Gary Hand Pedal Power Race Team

116 Gordon Murdoch Pedal Power Race Team

117 Paul Coatts Pedal Power Race Team

118 Kevin Barclay Pedal Power Race Team

119 Scott Macrae Pedal Power Race Team

120 Malcolm Elliott Pinarello Racing Team

121 Russell Downing Pinarello Racing Team

122 Freddy Johansson Pinarello Racing Team

123 Lee Davis Pinarello Racing Team

124 Tom Murray Pinarello Racing Team

125 Matthew Kipling Pinarello Racing Team

126 Peter Williams Pinarello Racing Team

127 Andy Roche Pinarello Racing Team

128 Mark Lovatt Planet X Racing Team

129 Simon Gaywood Plowman Craven RT

130 James Millard Plowman Craven RT

131 James McCallum Plowman Craven RT

132 Simon Richardson Plowman Craven RT

133 Tom Barras Plowman Craven RT

134 Evan Oliphant Plowman Craven RT

135 Neil Coleman Plowman Craven RT

136 Tony Gibb Plowman Craven RT

137 Geoffrey Beetham retrobike.co.uk

138 Jamie Burgan Rutland Cycling Club

139 Ian Wilkinson Scienceinsport-Trek

140 Dave Collins Scienceinsport-Trek

141 Richard Kent Scienceinsport-Trek

142 Richard Wilkinson Scienceinsport-Trek

143 Tim Lawson Scienceinsport-Trek

144 Matthew Stephens Sigmasport

145 Alex Wise Sigmasport

146 Mike Harrison Sigmasport

147 James Williamson Sigmasport

148 Neil Swithenbank Sigmasport

149 Daniel Duguid Sigmasport

150 Andrew Bye Sigmasport

151 Robin Sharman Sigmasport

152 Grant Bayton Sports Beans-Wilier

153 Marcin Bialoblocki Sports Beans-Wilier

154 Mark Perry Sports Beans-Wilier

155 Mark Thwaites Sports Beans-Wilier

156 Ashley Brown Sportscover Spluk

157 Gav Evans Sportscover Spluk

158 Dieter Droger Sportscover Spluk

159 Nigel Haigh Sportscover Spluk

160 Bradley Johnston Sportscover Spluk

161 Stephen Guymer Star Bikes RT

162 Stephen Ward Star Bikes RT

163 Matt Jennings Websters Cycles

164 Andrew Griffiths Wielergroep Beveren 2000

165 James Makepeace Wild Side Racing Team

166 Chris McNamara Wild Side Racing Team

167 Simon McNamara Wild Side Racing Team

168 Stephen Skuse Wild Side Racing Team

169 Mark Sussex Wild Side Racing Team

170 Alastair Kay York Cycleworks

171 Simon Blythe Unattached

172 Martin Ford Unattached

173 George Richardson Unattached

174 Peter Hawkins Usher Irish Road Club

175 Dave Coulson Team Sports Beans Wilier

176 Phil Axe Sharrow Cycling Club

177 Raymond Rol W.V. Noord-Holland

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