London Cycle Hire docking points miss out main rail stations

An initial map of location of London Cycle Hire docking stations reveals that there will not be any near Victoria, Waterloo and London Bridge stations, and none
within 15 minutes’ walk of
Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square or St Paul’s Cathedral.

A report in yesterday’s Evening Standard noted that there were several landmarks and mainline rail stations that will not be immediately served by the pick-up and drop-off docking station points for the Barclays Cycle Hire scheme, which is due to start on July 30. 

According to the Standard, Transport for London have not positioned docking stations near several mainline rail stations within central London because demand would be too high from commuters.

Docking stattions had also not been placed next to several landmarks, including Buckingham Palace, for security reasons.

“This is a big project for our city,” Mayor of London Boris Johnson told the Standard. “It’s not going to be perfect from day one.

“There will be people who think there are some bike stations in the wrong place.”

Around 6,000 cycle hire bikes will be available from 400 docking stations across London’s zone 1 travel area from July 30.

Barclays Bank was unveiled as title sponsor for the London Cycle Hire scheme last week. The sponsorship deal is worth £25 million over five years.

London Cycle Hire zone 1 map

London Cycle hire scheme area map. Click to enlarge

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