New Zealand cyclist spends $5,000 fighting for his right to ride in just a g-string

Nick Lowe has spent $5,000 fighting a $200 fine he received for cycling in the nude and has come out on top

World Naked Bike Ride (Photo: Ian Haskins/CC2.0)

While the weather in Britain is a bit nippy at this time of the year, in New Zealand it's perfect weather to get out on the bike in just a jersey and shorts.

One fella in Marlborough - one of the sunniest and driest regions in the country - prefers to eschew the jersey and shorts, though, preferring instead to don just a G-string and helmet.

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Nick Lowe, a fire risk assessor and keen naturist, was once fined $200 for cycling in the nude, but spent $5,000 successfully fighting the fine in court.

"It was a very stressful time," he told Yahoo News. "But I thought I'd go in balls-and-all and fight the conviction. It cost $5000 to defend the $200 fine, but it was about the principle."

Mr Lowe, who reportedly wears g-strings that his wife makes for him, insists he doesn't aim to offend people with his choice of riding attire.

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"If there's a big group of people, you're more likely to offend someone. I could walk down Lambton Quay in a G-string and no one could do anything, but I wouldn't do that," he said.

With World Naked Bike Ride coming up on March 12, Mr Lowe will likely have some company on his free and easy rides.