Petition aims to push government to create cycle safety campaign

'Hard-hitting' campaign to increase awareness of cycle safety called for

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By Chris Marshall-Bell

A petition has been set up to force the Department for Transport into publishing a 'hard-hitting' campaign to show cyclists' vulnerability on the road.

The petition, set up by David Paul Munn on the Government’s e-petition website, has been launched after a spate of well-documented cycling fatalities and injuries on the nation’s roads.

Transport chiefs appear to be receptive to the call to accommodate cyclists on the road better than ever before, but now they are being asked to produce a hard-hitting TV and newspaper public information campaign to highlight the dangers that cyclists face.

The petition adds that such adverts should “be aimed at promoting good road use by both motorists and cyclists” and “it should clearly demonstrate the outcomes to a cyclist if hit by a motor vehicle”.

It is concluded with the aim of reducing the amount of cycling related accidents.