Pushing cyclists from their bikes is 'tantamount to attempted murder', says MP

The Labour MP says he will raise the matter with local police

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An MP has said he will contact police about what he calls a pattern of attacks on cyclists,  referring to the action of pushing a rider off their bike as "tantamount to attempted murder."

Labour MP for Hartlepool, Mike Hill, made the comments after a resident was hospitalised having been pushed from his bike by a car passenger.

Hill said he would raise the matter with Cleveland and Durham Police, referencing what he called a 'pattern of attacks' on cyclists.

Paul Cockrill, 44, lives in Hartlepool and is a member of the Ferryhill Wheelers cycling club. He was pushed off his bike in July, and left with a dislocated shoulder and fractured collar bone, requiring surgery.

Hill says he is aware of two other similar incidents in the area.

Earlier this month, Cycling Weekly reported on a rider left with a fracture after being shoved from his bike by a masked motorbike passenger during a club ride.

Andrew Marsden, 67, needed nine stitches following the incident in Birmingham on Tuesday September 17.

Speaking to the Hartlepool Mail, Hill said: “There are plenty of people out there like me who grew up with the Cycling Proficiency Test at school and, like me, are angry and annoyed by irresponsible cyclists using our pavements as cycleways and running red lights with impunity.

“But such irresponsible people represent the minority, whereas normal cyclists stick to and respect the Highway Code.

“For them to be targeted by people in fast moving vehicles and literally shoved off their bicycles is not only unacceptable, but is tantamount to attempted murder."

Speaking to the newspaper last week, he said: “Three incidents in as many months shows a pattern developing and as such I will be bringing it to the attention of both Cleveland and Durham Police.

“Decent law abiding citizens need to know our roads are safe.

“This is an example of that not being so.”

Hill has reportedly been suspended from the Labour party, after party bosses launched a sexual harassment investigation, following a complaint.

The 56-year-old has been the MP for Hartlepool since the 2017 General Election.

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