Tour de France 2007 logo

Life as a Eurosport commentator isn?t all glamour you know. Grapevine has it on good authority that messers Kelly and Harmon recently had to get cosy and share a hotel room on the Tour after roving reporter Emma Davies Jones kicked Harmon out of his room so she could stay there.

Cycling Weekly?s reporters are believed to be handing their notices in to go and work for Skoda as VIP drivers at next year?s Tour de France. The Czech company entertain several VIPs on the race and their drivers get to stay in the same luxurious chateaus. The chateaus are so nice that some of the drivers rip pictures out of magazines just to show them to those less fortunate than them.

L?Equipe still can?t seem to forgive Lance Armstrong for winning their race seven times in a row. The French sports daily recently printed an Armstrong story in black, making it look like an obituary.

Tom Boonen loves Rapha. The Belgian sprinter was so taken with David Millar?s Rapha white leather mitts that he immediately instructed the Brit to get him a pair.