When: Thursday, July 12
Where: Chablis-Autun
Length: 182.5km

After five days of rolling plains, the Tour hits the hills of Burgundy for a tricky stage from Chablis to Autun. Between the two towns there is a ridge of significant proportions.

This is the most hilly of the non-mountain stages, with eight classified climbs, including the 867-metre second category climb to Haut Folin.

The sprinters will have to sit this one out. This is likely to be the most animated stage at this point of the Tour, favouring a last-minute escape and will most likely contribute to who wears the yellow jersey.

Scenery: 7/10
Difficulty: 6/10
Impact on overall: 4/10

Km, Location, ETA, Feature
0, CHABLIS, 12:50, START
36, Avallon, 13:43, Sprint
39.5, Cote des Grandes Chatelaines, 13.48, Climb cat 4
52.5, Cote de Domecy sur Cure, 14:05, Climb cat 4
58.5, Cote de Champignolles le Bas, 14.13, Climb cat 3
86.5, Cote de Coulon, 14:51, Climb cat 4
94.5, Montreuillon, 15:01, Sprint
98.5, Cote de Saint Maurice, 15:07, Climb cat 3
112.5, Saint Gy, 15:25, Feed zone
119, Cote de Chateau Chinon, 15:34, Climb cat 4
135.5, Haut Folin, 16:14, Climb cat 2
145, Bibracte Mont Beuvray, 16:26, Sprint
174, Cote de la Croix de la Liberation , 17:04, Climb cat 3
182.5, AUTUN, 17:16, FINISH