We tried four winter workouts to see how well they combat the off-season rut

Alex Ballinger goes in search of some fun, fit-strong antidotes for an off-season programme

(Image credit: ian stuart)

As winter loomed once more, I found myself battling with those familiar questions many cyclists face in the darker months. Is it time to hibernate the summer bike? Should I put on some winter tyres? Will the rain ever stop? Faced with the annual prospect of fewer miles, waning form and less fun, this winter, I decided, must not be a repeat of my regular cycle.

This time, I would find the perfect solution to keep myself happy and motivated until the warmer weather finally returned next year. It set me off on an unexpected journey out into the woods, to secluded warehouse gyms and on occasion into extreme discomfort in the, um, comfort of my own living room.

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