Tweets of the week: Chris Froome, Mark Cavendish, Geraint Thomas and more

More tweets to pass the time between one indeterminate day and the next

You know what doesn’t get said enough? ‘God bless the tweeters of this world’. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, they’re on the timeline risking RSI from scrolling and on the lookout for anything amusing from their daily life, just to set their notifications alight.

This is an especially difficult endeavour while on lockdown during a global pandemic, so kudos to the tweeters still doing the most during these trying times. Here are 10 of the best from the past seven days.

1. How about if you just ask them what the Tour de France means to them and if they reply ‘the Tour is the Tour’ then they’re good to go

2. Chris Hoy speaking nothing but facts

3. ‘Stop when it hurts’ is certainly a piece of advice from pros that I haven’t heard before

4. Love the home gym TikTok content from Chris but when will he do the renegade dance?!

5. This is cute

6. Honestly, when real racing resumes I’m going to be so shocked when one rider doesn’t just peel off the front and holds their effort until the finish line

7. Is this Thomas De Gendt or Agatha Christie?

8. Let’s check in on Sam Bewley, see how he’s doing…oh…

9. A classic

10. To be fair, it is quite an ominous picture

We’ll be back in seven days’ time for more of the best from social media across the cycling world.