Tweets of the week: Have you ever tried running over a line of moving cyclists?

I think a new cycling discipline may have just been invented

No, of course you haven’t. What a ridiculous thing to even propose. Running over a line of moving cyclists? Shut the front door.

What you are about to see puts the running of the bulls in Pamplona to shame. A stampede of terrifying 1,000kg bovine? A piece of cake compared to running on the backs of 11 moving cyclists and not completely stacking it. What I’m saying is, if this isn’t an Olympic sport by 2030 then scrap the whole thing.

Oh, and in more normal programming, Mark Cavendish is trying out bobsledding, Richard Carapaz is doing his best Thibaut Pinot impression by hanging out with a bunch of livestock and a mainstream media conspiracy against Everesting has been uncovered.

1. Prepare yourself for what you’re about to witness

2. While many of Team Ineos’ Grand Tour contenders fret over leadership roles, Richard Carapaz is out here milking cows

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Al natural !! ☺️☺️🐮🐮

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3. I’ve been reliably informed that ‘diff’ means Cardiff, so can concur this is Geraint Thomas being funny, or as he would probably say: ‘nny’.

4. For the £319.92 price Jacob Tipper has spent on Strava over the years, he could have instead purchased 1,279 Freddos or thirty-eight-and-a-half birthday messages from Simon Geschke. But everyone makes their own choices I guess.

5. A second suitcase for all the trophies and sprint jerseys? Just saying, might as well try and speak things into existence

6. To be fair, Wiggins tried to become a rower after retiring from cycling. Would absolutely love to see Cav representing Team GB at Beijing 2022.

7. Nothing to see here, just two EF Pro Cycling riders clearly enjoying the latest instalment of tweets of the week.

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As soon as Neilson Powless found out he was joining EF Pro Cycling, he tried on one of Sean Bennett’s kits to test the fit. These two both grew up in California and raced together in a high school mountain-biking program. There was even a little rivalry because they were so evenly matched. However, Neilson admits that it didn’t last long, and quickly turned into a bond. “Even when we were on separate teams, we were always looking for sneaky opportunities to make a breakaway at the same time.” . When Sean found out Neilson was joining the team, he looked forward to having a familiar face around. “I was excited to bring that type of fun into the races,” says Bennett. Even though these two aren’t racing at the moment, Sean and Neilson look forward to having that opportunity later this season. “I know for a fact we are going to have a lot of fun when races start up again,” says Powless. And we are excited for the Cali guys to get back to it. Head to our bio for more.

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8. Sickening. Once again the mainstream media are refusing to report on what’s actually going on in the world.

9. How did you know this is exactly what I needed to hear right now Phil x


10. The more ridiculous Peter Sagan promotional vids there are knocking about, the closer we must be to some bike racing. Good.

We’ll be back in seven days’ time for more of the best from social media across the cycling world.