Tweets of the week: Tiffany Cromwell, Jake Stewart, ‘Simone’ Yates and more

A few of our favourite cycling tweets from the last week

Well cycling fans, we’re back with another edition of tweets of the week.

With the opening Classics done and plenty more racing on the horizon, there is no shortage of insight from the pros on social media this week.

We’ve collected together a handful of our favourite Twitter and Instagram posts for you, Cycling Weekly reader.

Please enjoy the latest selection of cycling social media gold:

1. We appear to have accidentally invented a new TT format

2. Who knew this simple question would turn into such a huge debate

3. For some people, an hour of Top Gear is an eternity

4. When Simon Yates’s name gets a European upgrade

5. Kristina Vogel, inspiration and fantastic dancer

6. Even the real Cipollini isn’t that fast

7. Luckily Jake Stewart’s bike handling improved for Omloop Het Nieuwsblad

8. A bit more Jake Stewart

9. Lucky the UCI decided not to enforce this rule

10. A new race category? The e-bike shop sprint

We’ll be back in seven days with more tweets of the week.