Tweets of the week: Tao Geoghegan Hart, Ellen Noble, Ian Bibby and more

The best social media posts from across the cycling world this week

People often say the key difference between amateur cyclists and pros is the amount of recovery time the latter group gets.

Efficient recovery is all about putting your feet up, and staying away from strenuous activity – a combination which, when mixed with lots of “thinking time” on the bike, can lead to some pretty inventive social media use.

Here’s ten of the best posts from this week…

1. Might have been simpler just to admit the typo, Tao.

2. Oh, Ellen – sorry but the magical rescue only works if you’re drip fed hydration from a specific bottled water brand!

3. More importantly, how big do your hands need to be to accomplish this level of fruit bowl impersonation?

4. Has anyone checked on López recently?

5. Wait, bowling balls aren’t fast? Even with dimples??

6. Hulk mode: activated

7. Yes, because all Coloradans wear Rapha Souplesse and cycling shoes whilst going about general farming duties

8. Who needs sleep when you’ve got supplements?

9. Sure he’s next door, and not sleeping under the bed?

10. I’m not sure 9586 kilometres is what coaches mean when they suggest a “long and steady” recovery ride..

We’ll be back in seven days’ time for more of the best from social media across the cycling world.