Video evidence that cyclists and taxi drivers can get along just fine

In an antidote to the usual 'near misses', this video footage from Newcastle shows courtesy between road users

A taxi driver in Newcastle has shown that the taxi-cyclist relationship may not actually be that bad.

The ‘war of the roads’ is a well reported trend describing the animosity between car drivers and cyclists, though this is a matter that is refuted and many believe is exaggerated.

Taxi drivers, in particular, are often the subject of anger but a YouTube video from Gone Cycling, an account that posts daily video footage of cycling incidents, shows how cabbie drivers do not inherently dislike cyclists.

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The driver, who was in the middle lane, informed a waiting cyclist of his intention to turn left when the lights changed from red to green.

The taxi driver, who works for Noda Taxis, speaks to the cyclist through the window, asking “Can I turn left please?” The cyclist responds, “(I) appreciate the heads up. Cheers, man.”

When the lights do change the taxi driver safely and quickly pulls away to the left ahead of the cyclist.

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