Calling all bike riders ? road and off-road ? duathletes and runners. The decision to include a road circuit in the A2 Activity Centre country park planned for Kent Thameside may stand or fall on the support shown for it.

Tony Mack, a local bike rider and member of the Consortium of National Bodies trying to make the circuit a reality, says it is vital supporters take part in the public consultation which opens at the Civic Centre, Gravesend, this coming Friday and Saturday, 8th and 9th February.

?Much blood, sweat, tears and heartache has been shed to reach this stage and the result of the Public consultation is vital to enable the project to move to a full feasibility study and also address the outstanding issues still to be resolved,? Mack told Cycling Weekly.

?North West Kent has virtually lost all time trialling and certainly all road racing and by default the flow of new blood into our sport. The Park will I am sure reverse these trends and because of its location and facilities be a world class centre,? says Mack.

He envisages part of the old A2, which passes through the park, being retained to form part of the road cycle circuit measuring five miles, the largest closed road circuit in the UK.

The road circuit and off-road trails within the new park will be available for general cycling as well as for racing.