Watch: Four-year-old cyclist's thumbs up to lorry driver who gave her plenty of space goes viral

Rhoda Jones was pretty pleased by this lorry driver

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A video of a four-year-year old cyclist giving a big thumbs up and thank you to a lorry driver who gave her plenty of space when overtaking has gone viral on Twitter.

The video of young Rhoda Jones was posted online on Sunday and has since racked up more than 30,000 retweets, including from the likes of Chris Boardman, and being viewed more than 700,000 times.

In the footage, Rhoda is shown riding on a trailer bike behind her dad, Tom Jones, while out on a ride in Scotland, with a large lorry coming up from behind.

Unfortunately most videos involving cyclists and lorries on the internet involve a very close pass, but this one takes a different direction as the lorry driver from D&W Agri gives Rhoda and her dad a nice wide berth.

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This move gets the approval of Rhoda, who gives the driver a thumbs up and shouts a thank you in his direction.

Mr Jones put the video online on the family's @FamilyByCycle Twitter account, with the caption: "So often we see or share videos of awful driving around cyclists, so this textbook pass from an exceptionally patient & careful HGV driver for D&W Agri coming into Jedburgh deserves sharing, as does Rhoda's response! They're not on Twitter but we've thanked the haulier directly."

However Rhoda is apparently not always this nice to motorists, with Mr Jones telling the BBC that her daughter "has a thing about people passing, and she can equally give a Paddington Bear-type angry stare which would be enough to take some drivers off the road."

The interest in the video has seen it reported by media outlets as diverse as The Times and Mashable, with the family even making an appearance on BBC Breakfast to talk about the video.

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