What's it like to ride alongside the pro peloton? We spoke to someone who's done it

Amongst various other cycling bucket list items, getting on TV alongside the peloton is up there with the most coveted, and more difficult to pull off

Richard Reocreux riding alongside the peloton at the UAE Tour 2021 (Richard Reocreux/GCN)

Like doing keepies-uppies in the front row as Jack Grealish comes over to take a corner kick, riding alongside the professional peloton on an adjacent road to the race is the closest you can get to the action without actually being involved.

As well as various incarnations of field art and French people spilling out of cherry pickers, one of the most enduring images of the modern Tour de France each summer is when the moto cameraman captures an intrepid amateur having the best day out of their life, seeing how long they can hold the pace of the peloton on a road running parallel to the race.

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