Adidas’s new Velosamba shoe launched to cater for city cyclists

The target audience is a young community 'building a creative, diverse and city-based cycling culture'

Having re-entered the cycling shoe market with the creatively named Road Shoe last year, Adidas has now launched a new addition to its riding footwear collection: the Velosamba.

If we thought the entry level Road Shoe was a departure from Adidas’ pro cycling past, an intriguing decision following a 15-year hiatus, we hadn’t seen nothin’ yet.

The Velosamba takes aim at what Adidas calls a “young and burgeoning generation of cyclists that are building a creative, diverse and city-based cycling culture.”

We’ve seen ‘How To’ guides on how to cut out a section of the sole in your day-to-day trainers, and embed cleats – but now Adidas is doing it for us, and probably to greater effect.

Taking its stylistic inspiration from the popular Samba shoe, Adidas says this commuter shoe says fuses “street style with the outsole technology”, the idea being that riders can hop off the bike and go about their daily business in shoes that look just like their normal trainers.

The shoes feature a recycled nylon insole board promising stiffness on the bike, with a fully integrated rubber cup outsole that features a two-bolt cleat fitting for SPD pedals.

The iconic three stripes are reflective, as is the heel detail.

The brand said that “consultations with cycling communities in London, Los Angeles and Germany highlighted that the culture of cycling is changing and showed a greater demand for versatile products that fit into their lives on and off the bike.”

Adidas’ past in cycling shoes is wrapped up in pro cycling culture, the brand famously sponsored Eddy Merckx and he wore their shoes to wins at all three Grand Tours, also donning them for his Hour Record, Adidas produced a ‘Merckx’ shoe which depicted his face on the tongue.

The brand has hinted that there’s more to come, “the launch of Velosamba is another step on our journey towards creating a range of products that enhance the cycling experience and which play a part in changing the way that cities move for the better, said Celine Del GenesGeneral Manager, Adidas Specialist Sports said.

“Following the launch of The Road Shoe which represented our return to road cycling footwear, the Velosamba draws on our street style heritage and expertise in cycling to bring something truly unique to cyclists.

“Our ambition is to cater to the needs of a rapidly developing new cycling culture by creating accessible high-quality products that empower more people to clip in and ride.”

The Velosamba launches in four separate colourways, and is available now for £100, in sizes 3.5 – 13.