Zwift unveils 'Fuego Flats' course to suit sprinters and time triallists

The new course delivers 20 kilometres of deliciously flat terrain

Zwift has further expanded its 'Watopia' universe, to include a new course made up entirely of flat roads.

The 'Fuego Flats' arrive one year on from the launch of 'Alpe du Zwift' and promise 20 kilometres of hill free and paved roads, open to Zwift users of all levels.

The main route will feature just a few mild changes in gradient, with a 10km out and back course, livened up by a roundabout at the end to offer a true to life time trial experience.

From the roundabout, users will enjoy a panoramic view of the desert, and can continue, or choose to exit at the base of Watopia's Epic KOM climb.

There will be a 500m sprint point as well as a 7km long segment, where riders can aim to top the leaderboard or simply better their best effort.

Zwift is calling the new roads a 'perfect  playground for both time trialling and FTP testing', suggesting users stay tuned for the inaugural time trial events.

Zwift CEO and Co-Founder, Eric Min, commented: "Sometimes, we all just like to have some fun on the flats, and I know a lot of Zwifters out there will enjoy the new Fuego Flats - myself included. Not only is it something for the sprinters, but it also opens up whole new possibilities to cater for our triathlon and time trial audiences.”

The Fuego Flats will dessert scenery which draws influence both from the surrounding areas of Zwift's HQ in Long Beach, California, as well as Death Valley, where co-founder Jon Mayfield spent time riding double centuries in the deserts of America.

There's also some geographically diverse inspiration taken from parts of Moab, the Antelope Canyon in Arizona, Mesa Verde cliff dwellings in Colorado, and the annual California Super Bloom.

To add a little flavour, there's some influence from time gone by, with some Wild West action and Watopia's brand new saloon, as well as futuristic elements such as Space Ace architecture within a Palm Springs style resort.

The routes will be available from Friday, with four different options:

Tempus Fugit: 18.9km/11.7 miles, 99 feet

Tick Tock: 16.9km/10.5 miles, 174 feet

The Über Pretzel: 128.6km/79.7 miles, 7823 feet

Out And Back Again: 39.8km/24.7 miles, 1076 feet

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