Lazer releases moped 'style' E-bike specific helmet

Lazer has released its first ever E-bike helmet, equipped with visor and side protectors

Not only are E-bikes an established thing, they're now starting to generate their own accessories – just like the Lazer Anverz.

The Anverz represents the company's first foray in to 'e' specific kit, and as such it features added head and eye protection.

If you think it looks like a moped helmet, that's because it is meant to. Lazer is quite open about the fact it was designed to "have the same style and flair as a moped helmet". According to the company, "it brings the best of both worlds together".

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It even passes a new safety law put in place by the Dutch, meaning it can be worn on vehicles travelling up to 45kph. Of course, this is far faster than a UK E-bike is permitted to go.

Despite this, those in the UK will still be able to purchase the helmet with prices being confirmed in January 2017.

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So how is it different to your standard helmet? Well, to begin with it has more coverage. The Anverz's protection spreads down the back of the neck and sides of the face.

Next, there's an attached visor, which can be pushed up and out of the way, as well as an attachable "Aeroshell" – basically a cover for the top. Finally, it has ear covers which are removable in case it's a bit warm.

It's quite a striking design, and if it looks like its just different parts mashed together, that's because in many ways it is. Lazer say that the helmet actually takes its same basic structure from the company's mountain biking helmet, the Revolution.

The company claim that its well ventilated yet lightweight and sturdy as a result. What's more, you can keep out the rain thanks to an aero cover that goes over the top.

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That's not all, either. According to Lazer, the ear covers can even accept Bluetooth devices and play music, or take calls.

Although it's not a motorbike helmet, it'll certainly fan the flames of debate surrounding e-bikes.

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