London Cycle Paths: Cycle Superhighway 2

Cycle Superhighway, commute, london

Running 2.8 miles north-east from Whitechapel Road in Aldgate and along Mile End Road to the notorious Bow Roundabout, cyclists who use London's Cycle Superhighway 2 face a daily battle.

As a demonstration of how not to build cycle lanes, this piece of infrastructure would be pretty hard to top. The fumes, the noise and the physical threat of traffic are at times overwhelming, while faded and cracking blue paint provides no protection from the multitude of buses, lorries, vans and taxis.

During peak hours, when it's not frustrating, it's downright terrifying. Tragically, on July 5, a young woman, Philippine De Gerin-Ricard, lost her life here after being in collision with an HGV.

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