Condor has a new Leggero disc brake bike

Our eagle eyed photographer Andy Jones spotted a brand new disc brake machine from Condor

Condor Leggero disc
(Image credit: Andy Jones)

Condor has been producing great bikes from its London base for years now and its Leggero earned a place in our converted 2017 Editor's Choice awards.

But our eagle eyed photographer, Andy Jones, has spotted a brand new version with discs and we've been told it will be raced for the first time at the Motherwell Tour Series round on Tuesday evening.

Condor Leggero disc

Flat mount disc brakes from Campag
(Image credit: Andy Jones)

Condor has said that it won't release this bike to the general public just yet, and that the guys on the race team are taking the model through the final stage of testing.

But do expect to see the disc brake Leggero released, followed by more Condor bikes with discs around the end of July.

Condor Leggero disc

160mm rotors front, 140mm rear
(Image credit: Andy Jones)

The only visible changes we can see are of course the disc brakes and the exchange of the previous quick release system for bolt thru axels front and rear, which will help deal with braking forces.

Condor also say that the thru axels help the frame be a little stiffer, offering improved performance, too.

Being a disc bike, Condor say it'll be slightly less aero than its rim brake version but as JLT's team partner Campagnolo now produces high performance disc brake carbon wheels, the team is able to help with the development of the bike in its final stages. Campagnolo Bora One's in this case.

Condor Leggero disc

Nice bit of clearance without a caliper above the rear brake arch
(Image credit: Andy Jones)

As Condor builds its own bikes, within its own factory, the brand says that it's managed to keep weight "pretty similar" to the rim brake version and discs shouldn't come at much of a penalty - there's been no over building needed to help with the new stresses and strain of disc brakes.

You'll be able to see these bikes at all the Tour Series rounds from Tuesday night in Motherwell. Next up will be Aberdeen, then; Durham, Aberystwyth, Stevenage, Wembley Park and finally Salisbury.

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