The best deals on energy drinks, bars, recovery and other cycling nutrition

Fuel your rides properly with these deals, including SIS, Clif and Torq

As summer winds down it’s a return to longer, steadier rides for many of us. Upping your mileage means you need to make sure you fuel properly on your rides, replace lost electrolytes and take in the right nutrients to refuel after a ride. Although that means keeping quite a lot of nutrition products around, it shouldn’t cost the earth.

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On this page you’ll find discounts on everything a cyclist needs in terms of nutrition. Whether that’s energy gels and bars or electrolyte drinks and protein supplements, if there’s a good deal, we’ll feature it here.

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The products featured have been chosen because we know they’re good quality and are an excellent offer at the price we’ve included (at the time of writing). Our tech team have unrivalled expertise and years of experience testing new products, so you can trust our recommendations – and we also know what represents a good deal. Where we’ve reviewed the product we’ve included a link to it so you can read more.

With each product is a ‘Buy Now’ link. If you click on this then we may receive a small amount of money from the retailer when you purchase the item. This doesn’t affect the amount you pay.

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SIS Energy + Electrolyte Gel (30 gels) were £45 now £270

SIS energy gels are widely regarded and certainly one of the most palatable on the market. Each 60ml gel provides 22 grams of carbs as well as added salts to replenish vital electrolyte supplies.

This offer is currently based around the Lemon & Mint and Salted Strawberry flavours.

Buy now: SIS Energy + Electrolyte gels (30 gels) at SIS for £27


Clif bars, box of 12, were £19.08 now from £15.99

Who doesn’t love a Clif bar? The leading brand in the US has so many flavours on offer that you could happily munch your way through a whole load of them and never get bored. Best to buy a few boxes now to fuel your summer rides.

Buy now: Clif bars, box of 12, from Tredz from £15.99

Scratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix 440g were £18 now from £11.99


Scratch Labs uses all natural ingredients in its energy drink mix, using only real fruit for flavour and no artificial colours or preservatives. The taste is quite light and the electrolyte mix shouldn’t cause stomach problems, while still ensuring that you are adequately hydrated.

Buy now: Scratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix from Tredz from £11.99

High5 Zero electrolyte drink tablets, 8 pack was £55.99 now £33.59

If you want to keep your electrolyte levels up without the calories, High5 electrolyte tablets are a great option. With each tube containing 20 tablets, this eight pack gives you around 120 litres of drink – enough to get you through the hottest summer.

Buy now: High5 Zero electrolyte drink tablets, 8 pack from Tweeks for £33.59

SIS REGO Rapid Recovery drink 1.6kg was £38 now £26.60


SiS REGO Recovery Protein Drink delivers complete recovery through carbohydrates, electrolytes, protein and vitamins. Replacing everything your body uses in training is the best way to get yourself firing on all cylinders for your next session.

Buy now: SIS REGO Rapid Recovery drink for £26.60

Torq Recovery Drink, 500g, was £33.98 now from £16.99

Torq uses all natural ingredients for its recovery drink mix, with a 3:1 mix of carbs to protein, which includes ribose, β-Hydroxy β-methylbutyric acid (HMB) and glutamine to help kick start your recovery.

Buy now: Torq Recovery Drink, 500g, from Wiggle from £16.99

Clif Bar Builder’s Protein Bar box of 12 was £29.88 now £21.95

Buy now: Clif Bar Builder’s protein bar box of 12 from Tredz for £21.95

Another all-natural option from Clif Bar, its Builder’s Bar is available from Tredz in either chocolate or chocolate peanut butter flavour. It’s another dangerously tasty option from Clif, as well as packing in 20g of protein.