Elivar sports nutrition products designed for the over 35s

Elivar produce a range of sports nutrition products designed specifically for those aged over 35 years old

British sports nutrition company Elivar was founded by former international-level rowers Donal Hanrahan and Len Dunne, who concluded that existing nutrition products weren’t necessarily offering the right balance for endurance athletes aged over 35 years old.

Elivar aims to fulfill the needs of the more mature athlete with its products, working on the theory that your body’s requirements during and after exercise change as your age increases. This, says Elivar, includes extra support for muscle repair, immune system and bone health.

Its range of products currently comprises Recover, Endure, Prepare and Hydrate Plus, the functions of which are fairly self-explanatory thanks to some no-nonsense naming.

Prepare and Recover are available in strawberry or chocolate flavours, with Endure in orange and mango, or watermelon flavours. These three products are available in 900g tubs (£34.99). Hydrate Plus is available in orange flavour, and is available in sachets (12 for £12.99).

The company also produces a Weekend Endurance Pack, which is designed to provide all the pre-, during and post-event nutrition you may require and also doubles as a sampler for the range, priced £9.99.

More information: www.elivar.com

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