Lightweight wheels have been used both overtly and covertly by the best of the pro peloton for several years now, and the most recent addition to the Lightweight range of wheels is the Ventoux. Differing slightly to the rest of the range, the Ventoux has a low-profile carbon rim and is the lightest wheel the company has produced so far.

Each wheel is built with 20 carbon-kevlar spokes that are reputedly able to withstand 1,200kg of pulling forces, which makes this wheel one of the strongest available. By reducing the amount of weight at the perimeter, rotating mass is reduced and acceleration is improved. They have a list weight of 950g.

The rear wheel comes with a choice of two hubs, TUNE or DT, the front wheel comes with Lightweight?s own hub-bearing system. The Ventoux is the lightest UCI-approved road wheel available and is recommended for use in hilly events and road events where a deep section is not suitable. As you?d expect, the price is as heavy as the wheels are light ? £2,200 for a pair.

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