Muc-Off launches a bike-specific pressure washer

Lower pressure to protect your paintwork and bearings

Muc-Off has its first ever pressure washer out today. It’s been designed specifically for the needs of cyclists and motorcyclists.

That means that the pressure washer works at lower pressures than most standard washers, which are designed for more all-round use. So there is a 100 bar jet and a 6.5 litres per minute flow rate that shouldn’t wash out your bearings or strip your bike’s finish.

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The pressure washer comes with three interchangeable lances to cope with different tasks: one for bikes, a higher pressure one for motorcycles and a general purpose lance with adjustable spray pressure for use on parts like tyre treads. Plus, there’s an optional snow foam lance that works with Muc-Off’s own Nano Tech cleaner to produce a foam that coats your bike to help loosen grime.

Muc-Off's new washer comes with lances to clean up bikes and motorcycles and is designed for easy storage

Alex Trimnell, Muc-Off’s CEO points out that the washer has other bike specific features like a soft plastic coating, so you shouldn’t scratch your pride and joy when washing it.

The new pressure washer is something that Trimnell and his team have been working on for some time. “I’m so excited to see the Muc-Off Pressure Washer out in the wild. It’s been a labour of love for me and the team for years, and after tons of prototypes I’m delighted to say that we’re really happy with the final result,” says Trimnell.

There's the option of a storage bag to keep everything neatly together

It’s also designed it so that it packs away easily for storage or travel. So the cable wraps up tightly on the body. The hose for the lance pushes onto the washer rather than needing to be screwed on, so it’s easy to remove and wrap up for storage. Muc-Off supplies Velcro ties to help you keep the hose neatly furled when not in use.

The standard washer costs £79.99. But for £99.99, you can get a bundle that includes a water resistant carrying bag, the snow foam lance and a 1 litre pack of Muc-Off’s foaming cleaner. For the moment, it’s only available in the UK and via Muc-Off’s own site, with EU and North American availability to follow later this year.

Trimnell came over to Cycling Weekly to demo the new washer to us. Applying the foaming wash to a very dirty Merida bike was quick and efficient, with the foam ensuring that there was good coverage which stayed on the bike, so it could work its magic.

Then it was just a case of washing off the cleaner with the bike-specific lance, paying attention to any trickier areas with stuck-on grime, then applying a film of Muc-Off’s Bike Protect and re-lubing the chain. Job done.

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