This simple trick will help you get up to 50% off from Evans Cycles

All you have to do is type two little numbers into the search bar

(Photo: Youtube/evanscycles)

Everyone likes good deal, but if you don't want to put in the legwork to go and find those deals, then this neat trick will help you find the best component deals from Evans Cycles.

All you need to do is head over to Evans Cycles, put the letters "OE" into the search, et voila, lots of deals with discounts of up to 50%, mostly on tyres and pedals.

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Of the deals offered by Evans, two of the best look to be the excellent Continental Grand Prix Four Season tyres, which are being sold for £31.49 at a 42% discount, while for users of Look pedals, it may be worth stocking up on Look Keo cleats, which are 50% off at just £9.95.

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To explain why all of this kit is so cheap, OE stands for original equipment, a term which refers to components like groupsets, tyres, and saddles that are manufactured specifically to be fitted to complete bikes which are then sold to retailers, who then sell the bikes on to you and I.

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However, sometimes there are, for example, more OE saddles produced than there are bikes, at which point the surplus is sold on to retailers. This means that the only difference between the OE and non-OE products on Evans Cycles is that the OE products won't come with the original packaging.