New “smart” helmet lets you make calls and listen to music while you ride

Bling helmet, which is looking for funding on Indiegogo, also features rear lights and indicators, and a cadence sensor.

Helmets don’t do a lot do they. Whether you spend 20 quid or 200 quid on a helmet, all it will do is sit on your head, hopefully never to be called into action. However if you’re after a helmet that does a little bit more, then how about this new Bling lid from Chinese company Livall, the world’s first “smart” helmet.

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The helmet is currently on crowdfunding site Indiegogo where, at the time of writing, it has raised over half of its $20,000 target in only 19 hours. Users are obviously impressed by the helmet’s unprecedented functionality, including LED lights, cadence sensor, music player, and bluetooth phone connection.

The Bling helmet lets you receive phone calls on the move

The Bling helmet lets you receive phone calls on the move

This last function is the one most likely to raise eyebrows. The helmet connects with your phone (which is mounted to your handlebars) via bluetooth, and when you want to make or receive a call you simply press a button underneath the peak of the helmet, talking using the in-built microphone and speakers.

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These speakers are also called into action when you want to listen to music on your ride, which again uses a bluetooth connection with your phone. There’s also an option to use a small handlebar-mounted remote (the Bling Jet) that will let you skip between songs and adjust the volume.

bling helmet sos

Alert your family if you suffer a fall

Entertainment package aside, there do look to be some interesting safety features built into the Bling helmet. The most prominent has to all those lights. The helmet features red rear lights, indicators, and more than 80 LEDs running lengthways, so there should be no excuse for a motorist not to see you.

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However perhaps a smarter feature is the ability for the helmet to send an SOS message to one or more of your contacts should you fall off. This uses the gravity sensors that are built-in to the shell of the helmet which detect a sudden fall and fire off a message to make sure you can get help in time. That is unless you’ve just dropped your helmet off the table at the cafe stop…

lival bling helmet app

All the vital data is displayed on your smartphone screen

All of this is controlled using Livall app, which is available for iOS and Android, which will also show speed, cadence, distance, and calories when connected to the company’s Nano cadence sensor, which looks like a very smart little device that is attached to the end of the axle.

If this sounds of interest then you can sign up to receive one of the first shipments of the Bling helmet (as well as the Bling Jet remote) for $99 (£63) through the company’s Indiegogo page.

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