New Wahoo Kickr smart trainer boasts greater accuracy and improved ride feel

Latest update introduces new auto-calibration technology

Wahoo has released an updated Wahoo Kickr, bringing to market the 5th version of its flagship smart trainer.

The headline amongst a raft of new updates is that the Kickr now boasts an accuracy of +/- 1% rather than the 2% of previous model and, incidentally, the brand's own flagship KickrBike.

According to Wahoo, it has been able to refine the accuracy thanks to a new auto-calibration process, which forgoes the traditional "spin down" calibration process of previous trainers and competitors on the market. Instead, when you stop pedalling the new unit will re-calibrate itself, continuously doing so throughout your training session.

According to Product Manager Tyler Harris, "without any need to calibrate, and improved accuracy, riders can be more confident than ever in their power numbers".

Additional updates include new AXIS feet, designed to create a more natural and comfortable ride feel. According to Wahoo, the new feet allow the the trainer to tilt up to 5 degrees from side-to-side with each pedal stroke, mimicking the action of a bike.

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The new AXIS feet are the latest Wahoo update to improve "ride feel", making indoor training feel as similar to outdoor riding as possible and are available as an after market purchase for previous Kickr trainers. Previous changes to better improve ride feel included changes to the size of the flywheel and updated algorithms. This remains the same on this newest model, giving a resistance of 2,200 watts. It's capable of simulating climbs up to 20%.

(Image credit: Rafael Astorga)

According to Wahoo, the new system is also quieter and we'll conduct a decibel test once we start testing our unit. It also has a claimed weight of 21kg, so no decrease there. Like with previous models, the new Kickr will come equipped with a 11 speed 11-28 cassette.

The new unit retails at the same price as the previous model, coming in at £999. As you would expect, it's also compatible with the Kickr Climb and Headwind fan.

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