Specialized adds MIMIC tech to Bridge and Power Pro Elaston saddles

More women's saddles adopt the tech which 'mimics' biological entities

Specialized Power MIMIC women's saddle

Specialized has rolled out its MIMIC technology to more saddle shapes - including the Bridge Comp, Power Pro Elaston and also a narrower Power model.

The female-specific technology replaces a traditional cut-out with a graded system that aims to 'mimic' biological entities.

A combination of memory foam, soft foam and firm foam combined with a flexible TPU relief section transpire to prevent the pain and swelling.

So far, MIMIC has been rolled out to the Power and Romin Evo saddles, and the solution has proved popular with many riders adopting this style. However, saddles are personal and we've had mixed experiences, so we would recommend trying before you buy if at all possible.

The MIMIC tech was championed by Alison Tetrick at the time of launch, and Specialized produced a video with the American rider, highlighting the benefits of the newly developed replacement for pressure relief cut-outs.


There are three new saddle models now available with MIMC tech, these are:

Bridge Comp with MIMIC - £90

The Bridge is a fairly long-nosed saddle designed for lifestyle riders - that could be anyone from a commuter to a rider fitting their perch to an exercise bike. The cut out has been replaced with the MIMIC tech, whilst the rear uses a 'level 3 foam' at the sit bones to add a little squish.

Power Pro Elaston with MIMIC - £200

The Power has become an incredibly popular perch, and the Elaston version uses the same shape, but with a padding made of tightly packed micro-units of foam. Over the top, a stretchy material seeks to eliminate friction. And now, the middle section uses MIMIC instead of a pressure relief hole.

S-Works Power 130 - £240

The Power with MIMIC initially arrived in 155mm and 168mm sizes. It went down so well, Specialized has now made it available in the narrow width of 130mm. This saddle comes with a carbon shell and carbon rails, weighing 164g.

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