Stages lowers power meter prices with immediate effect

Training with power just became even more affordable

Stages has cut the price of its power meters, with reductions applied across the range.

The crank based power meter brand was launched seven years ago, offering single arm options which drastically reduced the price of training with watts.

Now, it’s reduced the cost even more – down to £299 (formerly £429) for a Shimano 105 version. A top end Dura Ace crank now comes in at £939 (was £1199).

Stages say the price drop has been driven by an increase in its indoor cycling business, with power meter equipped bikes being shipped to gyms around the world.

As well as power, all Stages products measure cadence via integrated accelerometer. Transmission is via ANT+ and Bluetooth and the brand now uses ‘Gen 3 Stages electronics’ which promises better signal strength and reliable data.

Accuracy is +/-1.5%, the units use easy to replace CR2032 batteries and the power meter adds just 20 grams to the crank arm.

Other features include Active Temperature compensation to increase reliability, and water resistance.

The last single sided unit we tested received a 9/10, with the Gen 2 electronics a vast improvement on the initial launch. The dual sided version came in with a less favourable 7/10, with set-up a little less straightforward and some concerns over accuracy.

Discussing the price drop, Pat Warner, Stages Cycling Vice President said: “Stages Power meters revolutionised the power measurement category when we launched seven years ago, making a tool once reserved for paid professionals available to any cyclist, regardless of their goals.

“From the start, our dream has been to let any rider train like a pro, and these new pricings will help even more riders realize their own dreams, whether that’s finishing a bucket-list 200 mile gravel race or just keeping that New Year’s Resolution to lose a few pounds.”

Key models to see a price slash include:

  • Shimano 105 R7000 Power L $299USD/ £299/ €299/ $549AUD
  • Shimano Ultegra R8000 $349USD/ £349/ €399/ $649AUD
  • Carbon BB30, GXP Road, and GXP MTB L $499USD/ £439/ €499/ $799AUD
  • Shimano Ultegra R8000 Power LR $729USD/ £689/ €749/ $1199AUD
  • Shimano DuraAce R9100 Power LR $999USD/ £939/ €999/ $1499AUD