World’s cheapest power meter: new Tempo power meter will cost only £200

New power meter is currently searching for funding on Kickstarter

Power meters have been getting cheaper for a while now, but the new Tempo power meter looks to be the most affordable yet. Currently available on Kickstarter from just $295 (£208), the Tempo power meter could well be the product that finally brings power measurement to the masses.

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More than £300 cheaper than any of the big name power meters, the Tempo power meter is a single-sided system that measures power from your left crank, doubling the figure to provide an estimate of your total power. And unlike the Limits power meter that has suffered months of delays, the Tempo power meter is apparently working and ready to go, with only the case design to be completed, and the July estimated delivery down to a shortage of crank arms rather than anything to do with the power meter.

tempo power meter 2

The prototype casing is 3D printed, with work on an injection molded case 90 per cent complete

Despite the price, the Tempo power meter does everything you’d expect from more expensive competitors, measuring cadence as well as power, being ANT+ compatible, and compensating for changes in temperature so you shouldn’t have to recalibrate the unit when riding in really hot or cold conditions. The 200 hour claimed battery life is also more than decent compared to other power meters on the market, and it’s good to see the option for ANT+ software upgrades too.

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The lowest price option for Kickstarter backers is to send Tempo a crank arm onto which it will install the power meter. However if you haven’t got a crank arm already, not only will you have a very weak left leg, but you’ll also have to spend a little extra ($299-$385) for Tempo to send you a crank arm too.

The only snag, for UK users at least, is that the Tempo power meter will initially only be available in the USA (where it is also designed and manufactured), although we’re sure that Tempo could be persuaded to ship over here if you were willing to foot the cost of shipping.

For more details visit the Tempo power meter Kickstarter page.