Cycling Weekly will be covering key weekday stages of the 2011 Giro d’Italia (May 7 to May 29) with live and interactive text coverage so that you can follow the race in intimate detail and join in the action with your own comments and questions.

Our coverage is contained within one self-updating window – no need to constantly press ‘refresh’. It’s easy to hide the window under a convenient spreadsheet on your desktop to prevent your boss from finding out that you’re following the Giro instead of sorting out some figures for Geoff in accounts. But we didn’t say that, obviously.

We’ll be bringing you the action as it happens. Sometimes before it happens. And you can easily join in by typing in your own comments, which we’ll publish in among our own very serious and in-no-way-biased commentary. Probably.

Giro d’Italia 2011: Cycling Weekly’s live text coverage

Week one

Stage 5, Wednesday May 11, Piombino to Orvieto, 191km

Stage 7, Friday May 13, Maddaloni to Montevergine di Mercogliano, 110km

Week two

Stage 11, Wednesday May 18, Tortoreto Lido to Castefidardo, 144km

Stage 13, Friday May 20, Spilimbergo to Grossglockner, 167km

Week three

Stage 16, Tuesday May 24, Belluno to Nevegal, 12.7km ITT

Stage 19, Friday May 27, Bergamo to Macugnaga, 209km

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