From coaching to bike fitting and doping control, here are 5 ways AI is being used in cycling

The future is here. Artificial Intelligence capabilities are expanding further into the cycling industry with each year

cyclist checking computer after ride
(Image credit: chris catchpole)

AI, or artificial intelligence, has been making big waves in the past couple of years for its astoundingly human-like abilities: drafting an entire essay with just a few talking points, creating a realistic video with no digital creators at all, and writing and analyzing workouts for athletes in a variety of sports. 

Some fear that AI is wrongly replacing jobs and skills that are best done with a human touch, while others are embracing the efficiency of this new technology. AI is becoming pervasive in nearly every aspect of life, and cycling is no different. Take a look at five ways AI has entered the cycling industry and decide for yourself if you’re “for” or “against” this new era.

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