Top 5 five U.S. cities with the most bike commuters revealed

Corvallis, Oregon, takes the number one spot. Here, bike commuting is not a fad, but a way of life

A bike commuter in Oregon
(Image credit: Getty Images)

If you’ve ever biked to work, you know the distinct pleasure of cruising down a bike lane or path while commuter cars sit in gridlocked traffic. You likely also know that commuting to work isn’t always as safe or as easy as it should be - which can be a big deterrent as to why more people opt for motorized vehicles to get to and from the office. 

It’s not uncommon for larger metro areas to sponsor “Bike to Work Day” or even “Bike to Work Week” at points throughout the year to encourage daily commuters to swap four wheels for two and to educate motorists about how to safely interact with cyclists on the road. 

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Kristin Jenny
Freelance Contributor

Kristin Jenny is an elite triathlete based near Boulder, Colorado. Although most of her time is spent in aerobars somewhere in the mountains, she finds time to enjoy eating decadent desserts, hiking with her husband and dog, and a good true crime podcast.