British digitial television channel ITV4 is showing a daily hour-long highlights programme for each stage of the 2011 Tour of Britain.

The programmes will be aired in the evening following each stage.

ITV4’s schedule may be subject to change.

Stage Date From To Length Highlights
Stage 1 Sunday September 11 Peebles Dumfries 170.3km 7-8pm

Stage 2 Monday September 12 Kendal Blackpool 137.7km 8-9pm

Stage 3 Tuesday September 13 Stoke-on-Trent Trentham Gardens 140km 8-9pm

Stage 4 Wednesday September 14 Welshpool Caerphilly 183.7km 8-9pm

Stage 5 Thursday September 15 Exeter Exmouth 180.3km 10.30-11.30pm

Stage 6 Friday September 16 Taunton Wells 146km 8-9pm

Stage 7 Saturday September 17 Bury St Edmunds Sandringham 199.7km 8-9pm

Stage 8A Sunday September 18 London London 8.8km ITT 9-10.30pm

Stage 8B Sunday September 18 London London 90km 9-10.30pm


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