Tweets of the week: Chris Froome tries out golf, Ben King has a humungous fish, plus much more

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Chris Froome
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Last summer I spent an evening with friends drinking on the south bank of the River Thames. A couple of young lads turned up with a guitar and a drum kit and started busking.

After a couple of songs they started asking for requests, with the caveat that when you suggested a song they replied they didn't know it and suggested a completely different song.

"Hey, what about You Can Call Me Al?"

"Sorry, don't know that one, what about Uptown Funk?"

And on and on it went. After every song they would request more requests, and turn down each one in turn and just play something they wanted to play instead that had no resemblance to the song that had been asked for.

The moral of the story is that sometimes in life, you don't get what you expect, and it's all confusing and doesn't make sense. Take this week's instalment of Tweets of the Week as an example. You've got Chris Froome with possibly the worst golf shot seen from a professional athlete, and Ben King holding an exceedingly large fish.

1. A photobomb?! What's next? A flash mob? The Milk challenge? Happy slapping?! Last time I saw a photobomb I fell off my dinosaur

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2. Mega

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3. Clearly it's been a long, cold winter for Mathias Norsgaard

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4. Has this already won tweet of the year?

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5. Ah, so this is why Fuglsang has been so slow the past couple of years...(love you Jakob)

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6. If you do, you'll come back to your apartment with Jonathan Vaughters sitting in the corner with a menacing look on his face

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7. This will probably work

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8. The PGA Tour breathes a collective sigh of relief

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9. Just another day on this blessed isle of sunshine and rainbows

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10. Um

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We'll be back in a week with some more social media detritus.

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