Tweets of the week: The Death Race, goats an ALL the cake

We go trawling the social media feeds for signs of life

Fruity cake
(Image credit: Debby Lewis-Harrison / Getty)

Be honest, you clicked on this for the cake didn't you? Cyclists have an almost pathological connection to cake.

It’s the fuel of choice for weekend warriors across the world and many are the hours that can be spent debating the best choice for either fuel economy, wallet saving or taste.

Even the more serious riders amongst us will have a view because even if you’re trying to keep to a healthy balanced nutritious diet then that means when you do indulge it has got to be worth it.

Unless you’re track sprinting dynamo Harrie Lavreysen, it seems, as then you can have all the cake (one day of the year at least) with no need to choose.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I'm off to the local bakers.

1. One set of handlebars breaking is unfortunate, two starts to look careless

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2. Who let the sprinter out of the bag?

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3. Be more like Primož Roglič and drink responsibly, folks

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4. Bike race plus F1 race is the duathlon we want to see

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5. Wout Van Aert: purveyor of farmyard animals

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If you want to know more about how goats are keeping the pave of Paris-Roubaix ship shape, my colleague Tom Davidson has all the details.

6. If Biff from Back to the future was a bike racer...

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7. Any higher bids than the one from the gentleman in the front row?

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8. Applied maths question 1: How many slices of cake does it take to fuel seven 1,200watt sprints of 15 seconds?

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9. A heart warming story in two parts.

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10. Car down! Wait, what?!

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