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Management: Rochelle Gilmore, Simon Cope

The ambitious

Wiggle-Honda team may be based in Belgium and Italy, riding mainly

European races, but the British registered, British backed team with a

strong contingent of British riders is big news for women's racing in

this country.

The brainchild of British Cycling head coach Shane Sutton and

rider/manager Rochelle Gilmore, the team is a home for GB's female track

stars during the three long years to the next Olympics in Rio. It may

not be a sky-blue band that's around the jersey, but Gilmore is

nonetheless in close contact with Dave Brailsford and receives backing

from Bradley Wiggins through his foundation.

You probably won't see them riding the National Road Series, but

expect a strong team at the National Road Race Championships, the

Johnson Health Tech GP Series and RideLondon Grand Prix. And with a

three-year commitment from the sponsors, Wiggle-Honda will be around for

a few years yet.

Did you know?

Together, Wiggle-Honda's riders have won 14 world titles and four Olympic gold medals.


Trott leads the way with four rainbow jerseys and two golds, with

former double world road champion (2010 and 2011) Giorgia Bronzini the

only non-British rider to contribute to that tally.

Riders: Elinor Barker, Beatrice Bartelloni (Ita), Giorgia Bronzini (Ita), Emily Collins (Nzl), Rochelle Gilmore (Aus), Mayuko Hagiwara (Jap), Dani King, Lauren Kitchen (Aus), Amy Roberts, Jo Rowsell, Anna-Bianca Schnitzmeier (Ger), Laura Trott, Linda Villumsen (Nzl)

Breast Cancer Care Cycling Team

Management: Rene Groot

Q&A with Penny Rowson

Most intelligent? Claire Galloway and Anne Ewing - they're both doctors.

Best-dressed? Gabby Shaw.

Funniest? Eli Thorogood, as she's always putting funny pictures on Instagram.

Loudest? Ella Hopkins. She's got a distinctive laugh.

Quietest? I'll say Laura Murray as I don't really know her that well.

Biggest Tweeter? It's between Jane Barr and Kayleigh Brogan. They're having a competition to see who can get the most followers.

Biggest moaner? Don't know, but Ciara Horne is the most positive on the team.

Best tan lines? Sarah Storey because she's been training in Lanzarote and Majorca.

Best music taste? Eileen Roe - she has similar taste to me.

Person you'd like to go on a night out with? Ella Hopkins again. We keep dreaming about going on holiday to Ibiza.

Riders: Jane Barr, Amy Bradley (Aus), Kayleigh Brogan, Anne Ewing, Claire Galloway, Ella Hopkins, Ciara Horne, Julie Leth (Den), Laura Murray, Eileen Roe, Penny Rowson, Gabriella Shaw, Sarah Storey, Elinor Thorogood, Molly Weaver


Management: Rod Freeman

Did you know?

Charline Joiner was a silver medallist in the team sprint at the 2010 Commonwealth Game and rode for the French US Créteil track squad between 2010 and 2012.

Riders: Toni Abbisgoni (Aus), Hannah Barnes, Rohan Battison, Karla Boddy, Melissa Brand, Hayley Edwards, Katie Godwin, Charline Joiner, Kelly Moore


Management: Stefan Wyman

Q&A with Harriet Owen

Most intelligent? Emma Grant.

Best-dressed? Corrine Hall - she's got 30 pairs of trainers!

Funniest? Me of course!

Loudest? Without a doubt Jo Tindley.

Quietest? Corrine again, although she's loud when you get to know her.

Biggest Tweeter? The big boss, Stefan Wyman.

Biggest moaner? Hannah Walker, no offence!

Best tan lines? Mel Lowther - the northerners compete over it.

Best music taste? Jessie Walker.

Person you'd like go on a night out with? Definitely Jo - you can't not have fun when you're around her.

Riders: Gabriella Day, Emma Grant, Corrine Hall, Melissa Lowther, Harriet Owen, Jo Tindley, Hannah Walker, Jessie Walker, Helen Wyman

Other teams to look out for



Riders: Zoe Armstrong, Alice Barnes, Anna Christian, Kim English, Amy Gornall, Beth Hayward, Becca Hunt, Emily Kay, Crystal Lane, Laura Wasley.

Hope Factory Racing

Riders: Adela Carter, Lyndsey Glazier, Adele Martin, Jane Nolan, Annie Simpson

Team CTC

Riders: Lydia Boylan, Nicola Juniper, Helen McKay, Tamina Oliver, Astrid Wingler - read Cycling Weekly's story about team CTC's launch earlier this year here bit.ly/VPB2Se

Champion System-Maxgear-Base

Riders: Janet Birkmyre, Joanne Blakeley, Melissa Bury, Eve Dixon, Nicola Soden, Lauryn Theryn, Frankie White


Riders: Lynn Hamel

VC St Raphael

Riders: Marianne Britten, Nikola Butler, Laura Clode, Anna Fischer, Jackie Garner, Ellie Gilham, Caroline Harding, Rusine Heald, Jenny Hudson, Eleanor Jones, Hannah Manley, Nicci Meadows, Adel Tyson-Bloor, Vanessa Whitfield

Where to see the teams - 2013 racing calendar


  • April 6-7

    Tour of Perth, Perthshire
  • April 28

    Cheshire Classic, Cheshire
  • June 9

    Hillingdon Women's GP, London
  • June 15-16

    CDNW Surf and Turf Two-day, Lancashire
  • June 30

    Curlew Cup, Northumberland
  • July 3

    Otley GP, West Yorkshire
  • July 13-14

    Essex Giro Two-day, Essex
  • July 24

    Sheffield GP, South Yorkshire
  • July 28

    Ryedale GP, North Yorkshire


Dates/venues TBC

Five rounds


  • June 8

    IG London Nocturne, London
  • August 3

    RideLondon Grand Prix, London


  • June 20

    National Time Trial Championships, Glasgow
  • June 23

    National Road Race, Glasgow

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