Apple and 4iiii integrate ‘Find My’ technology into a power meter

4iiii now also has an Apple Watch app which links up with power meters and heart rate monitors from all brands

4iiii precision power meter with Apple Find My technology
(Image credit: 4iiii)

4iiii, makers of some the best  power meters for cycling, has teamed up with Apple to create the world’s first power meter featuring its Find My technology, which enables users to locate their phones, and now their bikes.

The Canadian sports tech company has also announced the creation of an Apple Watch app designed to link with a range of fitness sensors.

"We wanted to do more than just release another power meter" said Phil White, President and CEO of 4iiii. "With the addition of Find My integration and seamless use with Apple devices through our app, the PRECISION+ platform really shows where we can go with this technology as bikes (and their users) get smarter and more connected.”

4iiii precision power meter with Apple Find My technology

(Image credit: 4iiii)

The Find My technology is integrated directly into 4iiii’s new PRECISION+ power meter platform, allowing cyclists to track their performance, as well as the location of their bike, on an Apple device. 

PRECISION+ meters use what 4iiii calls “real time Terrain Auto-Optimizing”, which uses both an accelerometer and a gyroscope to deliver accuracy across a range of terrain and higher RPM efforts.

Cyclist shows phone screen detailing the Apple Find My tech featured on 4iiii power meters

(Image credit: 4iiii)

As for the free to download app, 4iiii hopes to offer Apple Watch users another way to “track and analyse their performance”. Not only will the app enable “seamless integration” via Bluetooth with its range of fitness sensors, from non-drive and dual sided power meters to its Viiiiva heart rate monitor, but also those from other manufactures.

Using the app, cyclists will be able to view a variety of data, including live heart rate, ride stats such as cadence, speed and distance as well as GPS routes in both Apple Fitness and Garmin FIT files. “Natively configured” as part of Apple’s Health Kit, users will also be able to track a range of measurables, from activity to calories burnt. 4iiii says the app can also be auto synced to Strava.

“The best innovations are the ones that simplify, not complicate,” says Eric Gerstenbuhler, Director of Global Operations, Sales, and Marketing for 4iiii. “By adding our app into the Apple Watch environment, our riders can integrate with the tech they’re already wearing to have a convenient way to view, track and analyze their rides.”

The PRECISION 3+ power meters, featuring Apple Find My, are available now as Ride Ready on Shimano cranks or on existing cranks as part of 4iiii’s Factory Install program.

The ‘Ride’ Apple Watch app is currently available for free download in the app store through the 4iiii app.

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